Important Question for MBA and Executive MBA applicants, or anyone thinking of making a major investment in their future by applying to Business School:

How do you measure the return on your MBA?

By the quality of your career after you graduate

If there was a systematic, step-by-step process to improve your job prospects and earning potential after the MBA…

Would you use it?

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Here’s why anything short of an emphatic “yes” could seriously derail your career ambitions and your earning potential

Every year the most exciting and innovative companies across the world  look to recruit MBAs who can help take their business to the next level.

The question is...

Will they be recruiting you?

With thousands of Business Schools worldwide and hundreds of thousands of MBAs being awarded each year, the competition for these jobs is global - and it's never been fiercer. Making the commitment to do an MBA and being accepted onto a course is a great step forward in your career, but if you're going to justify all that time, effort and expense you have to get strategic now about identifying and targeting the job you want on graduation.

Because if you don't, your competition will.

Some of your​​​​​ best opportunities to secure the future career
 you want will come before your MBA even starts.

For years the students I work with at Business Schools have been frustrated that they've left their career planning too late, leaving themselves with not enough time to prepare properly for early applications or to take advantage of networking opportunities. The time to do this initial preparation is NOW. 

And that's why I've put together this MBA Maximiser course and private Facebook group. I've taken all of the experience I've gathered from working with students from over 30 Business School - in workshops, one-to-ones, and group sessions -  and poured it all into this programme. 

It's a step-by-step proven method that can save you time and increase your chances of getting the job you want after the MBA.

All my experience shows that candidates who invest early in their careers, and adopt the strategy set out in the Maximiser course are more likely to get the career outcomes they want than those who don't.

So it's your choice, which candidate do you want to be?

Take a look at what's included in the online course...

Module 1 - Self assessment





Why you need a career strategy




Work environment & managers

Longer-term goals

Module 2 - Evaluating Options

Brainstorming ideas

Evaluating options

Module 3 - Targeting Opportunities

Identifying target companies

Contacting potential employers

+  your downloadable Personalised Career Strategy Report

 equivalent value: £780

And in the private support group...

As well as the online course you will get instant access to the closed-door “MBA Maximiser Students” group, personally moderated by me. As well as being there to help with your questions about the course, I’ll be running regular Q&A sessions where you can raise any challenges you're facing with your career strategy.

The group will also be a great place to get a head-start on your alumni network - making connections and getting support from like-minded MBA applicants equally committed to career success.

 equivalent value £330

Screenshots from the course (click to enlarge)

Video support

Downloadable resources

Track your progress

Detailed instructions

Rank your criteria

Build your framework

Score options

​Prioritised targets

Further research

Targeting companies

Personalised report

Why I created the MBA Maximiser course...

"Do I really need to start now?"

The short answer is, "yes"
The longer answer is, "absolutely, definitely, without a doubt, yes"

Apart from the fact that many of the big MBA employers start their recruitment early in the first term, here are just a few reasons why you need to be using the time you have now to implement your career strategy....

Before Your MBA

  • You have time to explore options, make connections and fill any gaps you identify in your experience .
  • It's unlikely you'll ever feel as relaxed and confident as you will between being accepted onto the MBA and the course actually starting.  An ideal mindset for making connections.
  • Potential contacts will be more relaxed about meeting you as they'll know you're not going to ask them for a job. 

During & After your MBA

  • During the course you'll barely have time to eat and sleep, and afterwards the pressure to a  get a job will be intense.
  • If you leave it late in the day to start making applications and connections, the pressure will be on, and this will come across when you're meeting people and interviewing
  • Potential contacts will be more wary about meeting you, or introducing you to their contacts, if they think you'll ask them for a job.

I worked with Rachel a couple of years ago when she was doing her MBA. Following the course she secured her dream job in new business development - here's her take on why it's so important to start your career planning as early as possible...

"If I'd not gone on the course with Jane I may not have got my current job. She's fantastic!"

Rachel Willers MBA, Head of new business development, nestle purina

Joining options...

If we were working together in one-to-one and group coaching the equivalent cost of all this would add up to £1,110...

But that’s not the real story here. The real story is that you’re planning to invest in an MBA to make that big, BIG leap in your career. The stakes have never been higher, don’t leave the outcome to chance.

Join me on the course today and let’s start making a plan to get you the job you want on graduation and to maximize the return on your MBA investment.

Monthly Payment Option
Payment options


Single Payment Option
Payment options

Plus you'll be backed by...


Money Back Guarantee

 If you’re on the fence, if you’re not sure…

I want to give you EVERY opportunity to experience the MBA Maximiser course and see how it can bring you closer to realising your biggest career ambitions.

Which is why I’m offering you a full 30 Days to get started with the course, dive into the modules and start building your career strategy. If for any reason you’re not happy and the course isn’t meeting your expectations, just say!

For more details, click here

Maryanne Wamuyu Wanjohi


Maryanne Wamuyu Wanjohi
MBA, customer success manager, inova software


I had the privilege of being coached by Jane during my MBA. The most useful part for me was the MBA Maximiser. It helped me narrow down on my ideal company and highlighted how I can use my skills to flourish in my career.

'Outstanding' is the word that comes to mind when I think about coaching session with Jane and the resources she provided to me.

Esma  Ziat


Esma Ziat MBA, Phd


The MBA maximiser helped me to define the skills I am good at and enjoy using, my interests and core values. I was then able to understand what kind of career and work environment will be right for me.

I highly recommend the MBA maximiser to everyone who needs guidance through the career decision-making journey.

Fernando Benitez

Fernando Benitez MBA
Lead accountant, General Cable


Being coached by Jane was, without a doubt, one of the parts that added more value to my MBA experience. The coaching in terms of CV, career path and interviews approach were something that really helped me to "re-discover" myself in terms of what do I want for my future and how do I want to achieve it.

Overall, it was a great experience! 

Mohammad al Safadi

Mohammad al Safadi MBA, senior consultant, World health organisation


Working with Jane was an excellent experience, encouraging me to choose a career I'm really passionate about.

I trust her judgement and guidance, and the Maximiser course gave me some real evidence and data that helped me to see where I can add value in the healthcare arena. 

Here’s the Number 1 Reason to grab your place on the MBA Maximiser course right now…

The best time to start your MBA career planning was yesterday, the next best time is today!

I want you to start your course knowing that you’ve got your career planning completely on track, ready for early applications and alive to every networking opportunity that presents itself.

An MBA is likely to be one of the biggest investments of time, effort and money you make in your professional life, don’t leave it to chance!

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How long does my access last?

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How does the instalment payment plan work?

How does the money back guarantee work?


Monthly Payment Option
Payment options


Single Payment Option
Payment options

Your MBA will be one of the most important investments of your life, don't leave the outcome to chance!

Jane Barrett
MBA Careers Expert
Author, "Taking Charge of your Career"
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